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Bengals Need Backup QB. Tim Tebow an Option?

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He then got his shot in the NFL with the Broncos and once again succeeded even with all odds against him. What does that earn him? Him becoming the back up to Mark Sanchez and becoming the most criticized player in the NFL. Tell me where this is fair. He has continued to prove that he can succeed at any level and may be the greatest leader in all of starters. That speech he gave at Florida after losing to Old Miss  still gives me chills. He has earned the right to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and I have yet to here even close to a convincing argument on why he doesn’t deserve it.

I personally think that if Tim Tebow is the Jets starting quarterback from day 1, they make the playoffs. I don’t have any stats to back it up but Tim Tebow has never had stats to back his play up and he’s never failed. I really hope a team agrees with me and gives him a starting job next season because he has earned it. He will succeed if given the starting job and I can’t wait for him to prove me right next season.

If he’s nothing more than a backup though, perhaps the Bengals will give him a call.


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