Bengals Banter: Gruden Returns, Muñoz Praises Whitworth, & Paul Brown the Greatest

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Pro football historian John Maxymuk wrote an article recently in which he researched all former NFL head coaches and ranked them accordingly, and Bengals HC Paul Brown and Packers HC Vince Lombardi were the two top coaches of all-time, and Brown actually bested the great Lombardi:

It is also clear that the accomplishments of Paul Brown consistently outshine those of Vince Lombardi in almost any light, making it easy to declare Brown the greatest coach of all.

In some ways they were very different. Lombardi was volatile and Brown was much more cool. But they had similarities. They both emphasized precision execution and basic plays rather than flashy things. They stressed blocking and tackling.

They always had solid defenses even though they were both offensive coaches. They both ran the ball more than the league average. They liked each other. They made deals. They were the only coaches through the late ’60s that were also the general manager.”



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