Will Washington Redskins QB RG3 Ever be Same After Knee Surgeries?

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The rookie star used his dual-threat ability all season long, eating away at defenses with variations of the read-option and the spread option.

A solid running back in fellow rookie Alfred Morris helped fake defenses many a time last season, as he added to the elements of the Redskins offense that gave opposing defensive coordinators nightmares.

While RG3 will likely be heavily limited from running so often to lower the risk of further knee injury, it wasn’t just his legs that got the Redskins to the playoffs as NFC East champions.

In 15 games, RG3 passed for exactly 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns. That’s in comparison to just five interceptions during the year.

His remarkably high completion percentage of 65.6% was likely due to an effective play-action scheme that the offense utilized with his running ability.

However, watching the rookie play, RG3 passed from the shotgun and on a standard drop-back with acute accuracy. He has a keen sense of the field around him, as well as an eye for the open receiver downfield.

His poise and maturity last year were notable qualities for a 22-year-old quarterback in the NFL.

The natural talent is clearly there, and he demonstrates the ability to make a transition into a very solid pocket passer. That is likely a change the offense will want to shift towards to protect their franchise player.

Could he ever be the same player that he was this year?

Anything’s possible, I suppose.

By that I mean that it can obviously be done. Athletes have proven that coming back from these dangerous injuries isn’t necessarily impossible. The name Adrian Peterson comes to mind.

However, the situation for a quarterback is different. And while I believe he could continue being the player he has been, I don’t think that he should.

I don’t think the Redskins should let him.

There’s no need to send your quarterback on designed runs every other play, and then watch on with horror as he repeatedly takes shots in the side, chest, and yes, the knee.

RG3 is a special player. With the right leadership, he could lead the Redskins to annual playoff appearances.

A message that the Redskins should consider: Don’t throw that away.


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