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Mocking the NFL Draft

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4. Philadelphia Eagles-Anthony Sangenito (Guy who is pretty good at Madden) OC

I see the Eagles making a bold move here drafting an offensive coordinator instead of a player. With the eagles signing Vick to a deal, they need to utilize his ability to run which Sangenito has done countless many times in Madden 13. In only one season of Madden, Sangenito managed to get Vick over the 5,000 yard rushing mark which the Eagles believe he can do in real life. Vick’s ribs however, may not be on board with this decision.



5. Detroit Lions-Deacon Moss (Prison inmate from the Longest Yard) WR

The Lions need of a second option to Megatron plus their knack of drafting players in legal trouble makes Deacon Moss a perfect fit in Detroit. Moss really showed it to the Prison guards in his one career game scoring a touchdown and making some unreal questions. Moss, who has been compared to a 8 year younger version of Michael Irvin, could really be the spark the Lions needs and should fit in right at home with the Lion’s fellow criminals.


6. Cleveland Browns-Lebron James, SF/WR

Cleveland seems so desperate to get Lebron back that him being on any sports team there is satisfactory for the fans. The fans are almost certain that the only way for a sports title to be brought to Cleveland is to have Lebron on the team and plus the Browns do need a big athletic receiver. Lebron’s deal with the Heat ends in two years and the Browns are willing to wait. There is a pretty big chance that Lebron does stay in the NBA but Cleveland not surprisingly is willing to put all its eggs in one basket.


7. Arizona Cardinals-Manti Te’o’s girlfriend, QB

The Cardinals are in desperate need of a quarterback and the Cardinals have heard great things about this young prospect. They have not yet seen her in person but from what they are hearing, she seems like a great prospect. There is a rumor floating around that she doesn’t exist but even if she doesn’t, she can’t be any less productive than the Cardinals’ current quarterbacks.

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