Week in Review: Should, but Won't: Bengals Free Agency Edition

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Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace (17) is tackled by Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne (24) during the game at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports



1. Mike Wallace (PIT)

- Yet another name to put a poor taste in our mouths, and a sickening feeling in our stomach, but the opportunity this there to snag him before anyone else in the AFC does, especially Cleveland. The Ravens do not have the cap room or the need for a receiver like Wallace, and it is almost for certain that the Steelers will be parting ways with their Pro-Bowl receiver. As mentioned several times before, money is not an issue for the Bengals this offseason, Mike Brown is the issue. With his top end speed, and ability to go deep, no more would defenses be able to slide that addition safety over, or run double coverage on A.J. Green. Plus this corners and safeties pre-occupied an out of the box, it would make for less stress when calling for blocking assignment in the running game.


2. Greg Jennings (GB)

- Need I say more than this man is part way responsible for the phenomenal career that Aaron Rodgers has been having? Or should I add in that he has an enormous amount of playoff experience. Maybe I should throw in that 29, or lastly that we are one of the few teams that can afford him. Jennings is an excellent route runner, and only dropped 1 pass through 8 games, so he has pretty reliable hands. Especially on 36 receptions through 37 putting him at a 97.3% success rate. I know the 8 games in concerning, but everyone gets hurt periodically.


3.  Brian Hartline (MIA)

- Brian Hartline is not known as a guy that is highly productive in the red-zone which may scare some teams away, but I feel he is a very valuable receiver. Last season Hartline caught 74 passes for 1083. The drops, he only had 4 all season. 74/78 is a 94.8 success rate. I know it is a little less than one of Jennings, but A.J. Green caught 97/106. At 91.5% we consider Green to have some pretty good hands. So Hartline as a number two, who is a possession receiver with solid route running ability, would compliment Green very well. As a side note, Hartline had a base salary of 1.4 million last season. That is very affordable.

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