Week in Review: Stripehype Stats: Receiver Rating / Production Rating

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Now let’s go to the mix of players:


Calvin Johnson – 8.8

This is why the Lions Fans are going to be upset. Yes Calvin Johnson is a great receiver, but how productive was he this season? Truly, I am not sure. Yes he had a ton of yard, and was really the only option in the passing game for the Lions. So why is his rating so low. Well he had 5 touchdowns all season through 122 receptions. That comes out to one touchdown for every 20+ receptions. Yes Johnson can get you down the field better than most receivers, but when it comes to getting the ball into the endzone, he was nearly non-existent.

Just to make Lions Fans happy, Calvin Johnson Production rating from 2011 was 33.5. He had 16 Touchdowns, and had a 24/1 drop rate. So not nearly as many drops, and caught a touchdown 1 every 6 receptions. So you ca say that Calvin just had an off season.


Stevie Johnson – 12.3

Stevie Johnson had 79 receptions. That is a pretty good sample size. And he had 7 touchdowns. So he had a touchdown every 10+ receptions or so. There are other factors that go into this, like yards, and drops, but those are not weighted as heavily.


A.J. Green – 19.9

So let’s go over this one more time. A.J. Green had 97 receptions, and 11 touchdowns. That comes out to a touchdown just under every 9 receptions. So per reception, A.J. Green is high productive.

Also, the total receiver rating, the one Calvin had a 214.5 in above, is factored in. So don’t think that yards are not being factored in to this. I do think that these stats truly so how receivers can and should be rating in their specific fields  Calvin Johnson is more of a yards guy, and the Receiver Rating stat reflects that. Eric Decker is more of a red zone threat, so the production rating reflects that.


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