Bengals Banter: Duke Tobin Scouting, Mock Drafts, & Re-Signing Andre Smith

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Cincinnati Bengals Director of Player Personnel Duke Tobin knows the importance of interviews during the scouting process for the upcoming NFL Draft, and wants to test players mentally to see if their made for the NFL:

If a player walks out of there feeling a little unprepared or challenged, then we accomplished our goal. What we’re not wanting is the player to tell us what he’s rehearsed with his people prior to the Combine. The core of our interview is having the player come in not prepared and react to it. That’s the core of what football is. How quickly can you think in unfamiliar circumstances? Football is thinking and reacting quickly and that’s what we try to put the player through when we’re interviewing him.

You can’t find out everything about anybody in 15 minutes. But if you’re going to get value out of the interview, you can uncover things that you want to find out more about later. We blend cognitive skills, memory skills, background issues. We also do football and that’s how we like to end the interview.


In his first mock draft of the 2013 offseason, Bengals Beat Writer Joe Reedy mocked Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro to the Bengals pick #21.

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