Cincinnati Bengals Roundtable: Free Agency Silence

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Free agency in now over a week old, and all the Bengals have done is re-sign some of their restricted free agents, as well as backup defensive ends Wallace Gilberry and Robert Geathers. There still plenty of time and enough good talent on the market to still add some quality players to a team on the cusp of taking control of the AFC North and becoming a Super bowl contender. So we posed the following question to our staff:


Do you think the Bengals are doing what’s best for the team by sitting back and not pursuing any free agents? Why or why not?”


Mitchell Wendling

Right now, the Bengals are doing exactly what they need to be doing. You know, people are always under the assumption that just because we are not spending just to be spending means that we aren’t doing a good job. People are going to be upset that we didn’t attempt to sign Goldson, and that we didn’t get to sign Reggie Bush. The fact of the matter is that the two of those guys came at a price far beyond what we should spend. We have a great group of young core players on our team that will be due for extensions soon, and if we end up overspending at positions we could address in the draft instead, we will be at a disadvantage when we come to sign those core guys.


Blake Meek

No, they don’t need to go out and spend a ton of money because we do have a lot of big contracts we need to get signed next year. However, you have to do some things to make your team better. We have no starting linebackers on this team besides Burfict, we have no CB depth, we need a safety opposite Nelson and we need a change of pace back. We should be signing players to smaller contracts to give us depth as well.


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