Bengals Roundtable: Scouring the Free Agent Market

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Free agency is over a moth old, but with the Bengals yet to re-sign offensive tackle Andre Smith, as well not having close to $30 million to spend still, we could see several moves made in the coming weeks, so we gathered some of our staff and posed these questions:



“What free agent still on the market would you like to see the Bengals pursue?”


Mitchell Wendling

Outside of Andre Smith, one guys comes to mind immediately. First, Felix Jones: Jones has career rushing totals of 569 attempts for 2,728 yards and 11 touchdowns. Jones’ 4.8 yards per carry is a solid number, but questions about Jones’ health are major concerns why Dallas decided not to resign him. Jones has the ability to be successful in the NFL, and has the skill set to be the perfect complement to Green-Ellis. We’ve taken risks on guys with concerns before, and I think Felix Jones should be the next.


Walter Zaviski
I really think Karlos Dansby would be a great signing. The former Miami Dolphins middle linebacker is 31 years old, but with a young linebacking corp, his veteran presence could come in handy.


Blake Meek

Obviously, keeping Andre Smith is priority #1. They have to get him re-signed to keep this line improving. If we can’t re-sign Smith, then Eric Winston would be an ideal player to replace him with. Outside of our own free agents, I’d like to see us target Kerry Rhodes. He had a phenomenal season last year and would be able to plug in straight away beside Reggie Nelson and improve this secondary immensely.

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