Bengals Banter: Geno Atkins' Dominance, & his Impending Payday

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Adam Zimmer is happy to be coaching with his father, Mike, with the Bengals, and he’s adjusting to his new job fine after spending the past year in Kansas City:

It’s a little different. Mostly just going to practice and seeing how things work, because every team is different in how they practice. And everybody else has been here before. The last two teams I was with it was pretty much a new defensive staff or a new complete staff. Here I don’t really know what’s going on as much as everyone else. But you know, just follow the pack and you’ll figure it out.

Even to this day, Adam continues to be amazed by just how knowledgeable his father is:

The thing I tell people I’m most surprised about is how much he knows about every position on the field. The previous coordinators I’ve been with, Gary Gibbs was an expert at linebackers and he knew D line play, but not in depth. Romeo Crennel knew great D line play, but he didn’t know DB play in depth. I sit in the meetings and he can go down the line and say Carlos (Dunlap), you’re stepping with the wrong foot here.

And then (Rey) Maualuga, we need to stack more and get over here. Leon (Hall), we need a better technique on this. He can coach anybody on the defense as good as a position coach. That’s what’s been most impressive to me.


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