ICYMI: 2013 Bengals Game Breakdowns and Record Prediction

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Week 6: @ Buffalo Bills: I don’t think this game should be much of a problem, especially if the Bills are experimenting with Manuel at QB. The defense will have no problem containing a team without a break-out player, and the offense will certainly be able to put up enough points in Buffalo.

For the Bills sake, let’s hope they at least have a running game.

Week 7: @ Detroit Lions: The Lions followed a surprisingly great season in 2011 with a surprisingly disappointing season in 2012. As for 2013, I expect to see more or their 2012 side than the former. The Bengals shouldn’t have too much trouble in Detroit, but this may be a trap game if Cincinnati decides to underestimate the Lions. Still, predicting a win.

Fact: Did you know that a Bengals tiger can grow to be twice the size of a lion? Just found that interesting.

Week 8: Vs. New York Jets: Mark Sanchez. Geno Smith. Whoever it is, it doesn’t really matter. The Jets are in a rebuilding stage and it will likely be at least another two years before the team is able to become dangerous again. The Bengals will look to stay in the win column at home here.

You know, Mark Sanchez is a great guy. He just wants to make sure everyone gets the football.

Week 9: @ Miami Dolphins: Something smells fishy here. We underestimated them in 2012, and it came back to haunt us in a 17-13 loss at home. Now we’re playing in Miami, and the team added some key players in the off-season. On paper, it should be a win. But I’m not counting Miami out here. My prediction will stand as a close Bengals win, but take that prediction with caution.

Does anyone know how far away Miami is from Cuba?

Week 10: @ Baltimore Ravens: See top.

Week 11: Vs. Cleveland Browns: See top.

Week 12: Bye week.

Week 13: @ San Diego Chargers: This is a team that can perform behind a battle-tested defense. However, the offense was constantly in question last season. The Bengals defense should have no problems keeping Phillip Rivers under control, and the offense should be enough to pull away with a win on the west coast. Bengals by a touchdown.

The Bengals will enjoy their paid vacation in California.

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