Cincinnati Bengals: Busy Offseason Reflects Commitment to Winning

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The Bengals have made it clear by saying they want Dunlap during the prime of his career. At 24 years old, Dunlap is only 2 years older than the newest Bengal, Tyler Eifert. Eifert’s deal has been reported at 4 years for $8.25 million overall, and a $4.3 million signing bonus.  Between Eifert and Dunlap, the Bengals are doing what good franchises do; Secure the future.

The Dunlap extension does have people wondering about Michael Johnson, Geno Atkins, and even A.J. Green, whom are all going to be due a big payday in the near future.  Of the two, Atkins and Johnson, it feels like Johnson might be left out if they can’t negotiate a contract after his franchise tender runs out.  It has been reported that the Bengals offered Johnson comparable money to Dunlap in which he refused, so, they offered it to Dunlap and he accepted.

Part of this feels like the Mike Wallace/Antonio Brown situation in Pittsburgh last season, but part of it also feels like the Bengals know what they are doing and will make the right calls to get everyone signed.


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