Cincinnati Bengals: Don't Overlook Sean Porter

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Jan 4, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas A



When Von Miller entered the draft in 2010, many Texas A&M fans and analysts wondered who was going to fill that pass-rushing hole he had left. Sean Porter filled that role quite well during his junior year, recording 9.5 sacks, 17 tackles for a loss, and using speed to his advantage and creating huge mismatches against offenses. 2011 was Sean Porter’s breakout season to say the least, as he recorded 5 sacks againstOklahoma State,Arkansas, and Baylor, all teams that had quality tackles. After the 2011 season, many people saw him having a huge season the next year and improving his draft stock immensely. However, one thing changed his game completely, the Aggies changed their defensive scheme from a 3-4 to a 4-3 base.

Sean Porter entered his senior season learning a whole new scheme of defense. During this time, he had less sacks (3.5), but was asked to play back in coverage a lot more. Doing this resulted in Porter getting a lot more experience from both pass-rushing and going back in coverage, in which he did a very decent job. Porter wasn’t asked to be a pass-rusher in the 4-3 scheme, but rather a coverage LB whom also had to stop the run. Now people look at stats and think that he did poor his senior season, but you have to look past sack numbers and look at game tape and transitions:

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