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NFL: Cities Where the Running Game Still Reigns

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In the NFL, the “west coast offense” is a term used to describe an offense that places a greater emphasis on passing the football than on running it.

If this is true, then in the modern age of football, it would seem that just about every team runs some form of a “west coast” offensive style.

The numbers seem to support it, as well. Look at all of the big-name franchises in the NFL in the past few years. The ones that have become household names once the season reaches the playoffs in January.

The debacle at running back for Green Bay hasn’t stopped Aaron Rodgers from leading the team to a Super Bowl win and an offense that can outscore just about anyone.

Tom Brady has never really had any form of an elite supporting cast, especially at running back. Still, the quarterback makes the most of what he has in the shotgun formation, and it seems to have worked out just fine.

However, there are certainly those teams out there who are holding onto that traditional – we’ll call it “trench football” – style of play. These are teams that have essentially diverged from the rest of the league, and have proven that their style of offense can work.

On teams like the Texans, Bears, and Vikings, you won’t find the most elite of quarterbacks. What you find is a quarterback that can throw the football enough. That, and a running game that pulls a lot of weight.

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