2013 NFL Preview: AFC West

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The west seems to have a very defined pecking order. Denver is heads and heels above the rest. KC is very talented. San Diego is mediocre. And Oakland is brutal. Can Manning continue his run of dominance? Can KC make a huge one year turnaround? Can Rivers regain his form of the late 2000’s? And, can Oakland win a game?

Aug 24, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning at the line of scrimmage during the first half against the St. Louis Rams at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos

2012 Record: 13-3; 1st Place

2013 Prediction: 14-2

Confidence in Pick: 80%

Losses: Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller (6 games), Tracy Porter, Jason Hunter, Brandon Stokley, Willis McGahee

Pickups: Wes Welker, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Shaun Phillips, Quentin Jammer, Louis Vasquez, Terrance Knighton

Reasons for Optimism:

Peyton Manning – If Manning wasn’t good enough with Thomas and Decker, now he has Welker. I am really excited to see these two play together and what type of numbers they can put up. I believe this offense may be the most potent and most balance offense Manning has ever played with. That is a scary thought for a QB 3rd all-time on the passing yards list, 2nd all-time in TDs, 3rd all-time in rating and 5th all-time in completion percentage. If Manning had 37 TDs and 4,600+ yards in 2012 without Welker, imagine what those numbers may be in 2013?

Wide Receivers – There is not a better set of WRs in the league. In fact, these 3 could be one of the best trio of WRs ever. Add in Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreesen at TE, and it is impossible to cover them all…and Manning will find the guy that is open.

Running Backs – The Broncos elected not to bring back their top RB from 2012 (McGahee) and are better off because of it. Expect to see Montee Ball as the main back, and why not? Ball had 77 TDs in his college career. Over his last two years at Wisconsin, Ball had 55 TDs and 3,753 yards. He doesn’t offer much receiving out of the backfield, but with this passing attack, he should find plenty of room to run, especially off play-action fakes.

Defense – They lost Dumervil and Miller is out for the first 6 games, but Miller will be replaced by Shuan Phillips (9.5 sacks) and the Denver secondary (though old), should be solid with Bailey, DRC and Quentin Jammer.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.schroeder.161 Chris Schroeder

    You’re an idiot. Sorry but your delusional take on this article is so head scratching that its beyond ridiculously stupid.

  • TribalX

    SCOTTB obviously doesn’t do any research at all before writing an article. Doesn’t know who Dennis Allen is, says the Raiders defense is better but the team will win less games, thinks the Raiders have the same management team that picked Palmer, thinks McFadden is the only playmaker, thinks Pryor isn’t good enough to start, doesn’t know about the improvements in the secondary and thinks there is no good back-up to Mcfadden.

    Why would you write things for the public to read without knowing the facts?

    • http://12ozprospective.blogspot.com/ Scott Bantel

      Please divulge the facts then. What has Dennis Allen ever done? The Raiders defense is better, but the division is better and their offense is weaker – hence, win less games. Last I checked, Mark Davis over saw the trade of Palmer. Who is the other play-maker? Denarius Moore? Lastly, have you ever watch Pryor play a game? As an Ohio State fan, I saw all of his games for his entire college career – he is not an NFL QB.

  • Brandon

    WTF??? KC at 11&5??? LMAO come on man.

  • Eric Kench

    We lost 4000 yards offense when we traded away Carson Palmer. I really don’t expect these other two clowns, Flynn and Pryor, to even make half that amount of yardage. My prediction is 2-14 for the season. It will be repeat of Art Shell all over again along with that Dining Room owner he brought in to be the offensive coordinator.

    • Al_Uno

      Palmer was a choke artist everytime it got into a clutch situation he’d choke throw an interception. plus he didn’t even seem like he wanted to be on the team just a easy payday for him.

      • Eric Kench

        Nonetheless he was a big part of our offense. He was the best QB we had since Rich Gannon. All he needed was good receivers, something that Gannon had in Tim Brown and Jerry Rice. Brandon Meyers was no star tight end. Palmer made him look like a Pro Bowler.

        • holy roller

          big part of our “yards but not scores” offense….another JG clone, watch what happens in arizona. Now as far as recievers, watch DHB ib indy. I think it was palmer the year before last who threw the 945 yards DHB got and then of course we decided moore was the sexier player so ignored DHB last year and then cut him. Hows that workin out? “Players play the game,coaches and gms make the wrong calls”………..

    • Ricky Bobby

      Say K,
      Yiou get your facts right when you talk about our oc’s playa.
      Walsh ran a Bed & Breakfast, not sme Dining Room dude, @ least you could sleep after eating man.

    • http://12ozprospective.blogspot.com/ Scott Bantel

      You are correct. By no means is Palmer a great QB, but he is certainly better than Flynn and Pryor.

  • Thomas87

    I love how biased this article is lol… Losses for chargers? NORV and Ingram? What about DX Shaun Phillips takeo spikes Vasquez Garay? Oh wait all the writer cares about is the broncos … You really think rivers just turns the ball over for fun? Look back when he had a good oline … He sucked then too right? Fuckin idiot go ride that donkey dick some more

    • http://12ozprospective.blogspot.com/ Scott Bantel

      Hahahaha! Except I am not a Broncos fan, I call it as I see it. Please see the Broncos vs Ravens for my validation.

  • Thomas87

    Nope nobody explosive on the chargers… Do you Just sleep on D.freeny? Lol pretty sure he’s one of the best pass rushers of all time

    • http://12ozprospective.blogspot.com/ Scott Bantel

      Was. He is now 33 and hasn’t had double digits sacks since 2010. The Colts didn’t cut him because he is still the Freeney of old.

  • Bill Nichols

    lol. you morons are counting on Shaun Phillips, and Jammer to help your chances.. Too funny, what is really funny is that, when those 2 were playing with the Bolts you tore them both a new a-hole every chance you had. But now they are gold. Please people, you really do suck, but you already know that don’t you. Can not wait to see Freeney take out 10 years of frustration out on the big head, with the soon to be broke neck. Chargers are going to surprise you people. Watch. Oh yeah, and Chiefs??? What the……. So you are telling me that Alex and the Walrus is all they were missing?? Huh. How the hell is that, isn’t this a team sport? Didn’t the Chiefs pick 2and in last years draft…?? God, don;t give up your day jobs people. Cause this isn’t your forte’ . Look it up. Bolt Up..

  • Raider3

    Scott, did you even consider doing even a slight bit of research before writing this garbage. Apparently not because only about 1/3 of it is even close to the truth. My God dude, do some RESEARCH!!! I’m actually embarrassed for you.

    • http://12ozprospective.blogspot.com/ Scott Bantel

      Well, please fill me in on what is untruthful?

  • holy roller

    it seems it’s mostly Raiders fans bagging on this muttonhead…let’s see, peyton is old…..corners are old….Alex smith and who?…..Rivers is turning into a Palmeresque (read jeff george) kinda guy..all stats no wins….so the division is ripe for the taking. Not a da or rm defender but with time we could suprise quite a few …..btw, the less people that know who TP really is , the better! now, I’ll read the rest of mr stripes pathetic take………..remember 1980……..