2nd Edition: Is Andy Dalton the Quarterback of the Future?

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“I don’t think Andy Dalton is the answer. While I am a big fan of him, and while I think he has improved each year, I just don’t feel he has the intangibles: he throws an interception and he’s smiling…he’s in the third year of the same offense. There’s no reason we shouldn’t score on every drive in some capacity. Now, I don’t know if the play calling is the reason why we are not able to score consistently but we have a dominant No. 1 receiver, two athletic pass-catching tight ends, a myriad other receivers that have good skill sets (Sanu, Jones), a decent back in BJGE and a Darren Sproles in Bernard. There is an attitude that we will never win a playoff game, let alone a super bowl depending on Dalton. I say try Johnson. At least he is a threat with his feet and brings another dimension because this Dalton thing is getting old. Calvin Johnson is always doubled, but Stafford finds a way to get him the ball. That’s just one example of what a quarterback in the NFL is capable of….not saying I don’t respect what he’s done, but I think the defense truly deserves most of the credit for those playoff appearances….but about switching quarterbacks, hey, it worked for San Fran last year why not?”

-Gregory Davis

At this point, he isn’t getting better. He can never put together 4 solid quarters. He is a average quarterback at best.”

-Emerson Easley

I think they need to establish an identity on offense. Either you’re going to be a running team or a passing team. One needs to set up the other. The Bengals can play smash mouth football if they utilize the RBs they have. Burkhead teamed up with Gio could be dynamite. As far as Dalton goes, protection hasn’t been great at times – it breaks down at the most inopportune times. Can’t wait to get Hawk back. He’s missed on 3rd down.”

-Dante Colemen Sr.

I was ready for the Bengals to find new talent at quarterback, but I was not ready to totally abandon Dalton after only his second year of taking us to the playoffs. At this point in the season, I was pleased with his performance; but as I watched the game against the Browns, I don’t know anymore. I say we keep Dalton starting for now. However the play-calling, game-plan and playbook all need to be more creative and aggressive, especially on third down.”

-Trai Harris

I think they just didn’t want it today. This should have been an easy win… They’ve missed on two winnable games so far this season. I can’t decide if it was all Dalton today.. I feel like Gruden was half asleep on the play calling… The defense was left on the field for too long. I’ll never understand how a team can come back to beat the Packers and nearly get shut out against Cleveland. It did seem like the O-line was having some issues today in the line up. I hope they can bounce back against a much tougher New England team.”

-Matthew Smith

I believe Andy Dalton is just fine! Yes he has had a couple of games where his accuracy is off and he tries too hard to hook up with AJ but he is still a high caliber QB the other games so far. All he needs is to calm down and relax in the pocket and play catch with all his receivers, and everything will be fine. Once he does that, the run game will open up and make his life so much easier. Don’t count Andy out, give him the support he deserves and needs!”

-Ron Cooper

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