3 Takeaways from Sunday's win over the Patriots

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Sep 22, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard (25) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the first quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Nat Gio

Rookie running back Giovani Bernard is a star in the making, and as the season goes on, the national attention he gets will only grow as people realize he is the next star RB that can do it all in a league more geared toward smaller, shiftier back who operate well in space.

Entering Week 5, here’s a look at running backs with a minimum of 25 carries and their yards-per-carry average:

  • 6.7 Ben Tate (34 carries)
  • 5.9 LeSean McCoy(78 carries)
  • 5.5 James Starks (34 carries)
  • *5.4 Fred Jackson (48 carries)
  • 5.2 Reggie Bush (48 carries)
  • 5.2 Alfred Morris (56 carries)
  • 5.1 Knowshon Moreno (46 carries)
  • 4.9 DeMarco Murray (72 carries)
  • 4.8 Frank Gore (61 carries)
  • 4.8 Ronnie Hillman (25 carries)
  • 4.7 Matt Forte (67 carries)
  • 4.6 DeAngelo Williams (62 carries)
  • 4.5 Giovani Bernard, CIN (32 carries)
  • 4.5 Adrian Peterson, MIN (92 carries)

Needless to say, Bernard was due for more carries vs the Patriots, and he received just that, rushing 13 times for 62 yards (4.8 ypc). While many will unfortunately remember hist fourth quarter fumble, it should dim the bright future Giovani has in this league, and thankfully, it will be in Bengals stripes.



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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Todd Watson

    This Andy Dalton being thrown under the bus has to
    stop. The media is going to force a bad
    move just like the Chargers did in ‘05 with Brees.

    Look at the comments back from the draft. Brees is a second round quarterback. We have concerns about his arm strength in
    stature. Sound familiar? They got the same type of game—both South
    Texas boys—the similarities are alarming.

    When the Chargers team expectations grew and they underperformed
    (especially in 2004—see the papers and what the media was saying then)—they drafted
    another QB in Rivers (who hasn’t succeeded in making the Chargers great). Rivers held out and they were “forced” to
    start Brees for the season and stuck with him in 2005—but at the end of the
    season they gave him a no confidence contract (seems like this talk is
    starting) and he was gone because they wanted the big time “now”. Drew Brees subsequently left the
    Chargers. Obviously that was the right
    move for the Chargers (please note sarcasm and LT’s comments on that decision).

    Brees is a character guy—much like Dalton. The arm strength and the precision was the
    same at that stage. Andy Dalton took Who
    Dey to their first playoffs in back to back seasons. I’ll tell you what he doesn’t get credit for
    enough—the movement of Character into the locker room. Do you see how the players talk now? They have backbone, confidence, and character. Dalton shouldn’t get 100% of the credit but
    he should get some. This character was
    not there before Dalton—it was crime beat city.
    It started in the front office but AJ and Dalton were the first draft
    movements with this quality. He Leads—always
    has—look at College – TCU (PS—Great Defense and efficient offense—sound familiar?). His numbers are not as good this year but
    keep in mind they are working a new offense (2 TE set with a new explosive back
    that can catch and run) into play and try to emphasize the ground game with a
    new RB. Give him time. He is such a rhythm player and this setup is

    The guy outplayed Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and we are
    complaining? Look at Brady’s stats—He threw
    for less yards per attempt, he had a worse completion percentage, less
    yards. Ironically, they were sacked the
    same amount of times and picked off the same amount of times. Conditions matter and the important thing is
    you outplay your opponent that day. He has
    done that. PS—to this segment—loved Dalton’s
    critical runs—that is probably where he outplayed Brady yesterday.

    If you want some constructive criticism—here ya go. Yeah the INT was bad yesterday—but this is
    the first pick in the red zone in 3 YEARS.
    Yeah it’s bad but if God lit us up for one mistake we made in 3 years—we
    all would be in trouble—Grace—Learn it.
    I think they need to do a better job of warming up. Especially the deep ball. I think Jones is developing to be a better
    weapon for Dalton on 3rd and 10 to 20 then Green. When Green warms up—he goes half way—this
    is good for Green in warming up but bad for Dalton—Green is a natural and he
    warms up good for him (he probably doesn’t need warm up). However, I think if he learns his QB a little
    he will realize he needs to run some “all out” fly patters or deep ends to hone
    Dalton’s timing in for that day. Dalton
    is a muscle memory guy—especially when he has the quickest release in FB. He so depends on timing. Getting the speed right in warm ups will help
    Dalton dial in (especially the deep balls—he has the arm–but his timing is

    Finally, look at TCU.
    Dalton was a four year starter.
    They were showing promise his Frosh and Soph year. They changed out the offensive coordinator
    and took off his Jr year under the new guy.
    Unfortunately (or fortunately) they lost to Boise State his third year
    in the BCS. Everyone blamed Dalton (expectations
    had risen but look who started the uptrend—same story second verse)—he took it
    hard—cause he cares. He took it as
    motivation and came back to have one of the best QB season’s at TCU since Davey
    O’Brien. His 4th year he won
    the Rose Bowl BEHIND A GREAT D AND solid QB performance. Oh by
    the way it is important to note what other 4 year starter did wonders at TCU—Tank
    Carder—the Rose Bowl star LB. Guess
    who he played against in practice every day (Dalton)? Guess who he plays for now—the Browns. PS_-the Browns are 3-2 (not bad) but don’t
    think for a second Carder doesn’t know how a D should play Dalton.

    Dalton is the right QB for this team as he is a great QB for
    a team with a great D. This offense will
    explode but the chemistry needs to be a little better. I would like to see them (QB’s and receivers)
    warm up and practice with greater intensity.
    Green and Dalton need to hang out more, work out more, and practice
    harder together more. The results will
    come but the haters need to look at NFL history (start in San Diego) and Dalton
    history before they advocate for someone new.
    Not all those pics are on him—See
    Chicago. Don’t do a San Diego—-let’s
    be patient. Unless Manning leaves
    Denver, Brees leaves NO, who is out there?
    I don’t want to train another rookie right now. What big free agent is there to be had? The best thing we can do is get behind Dalton
    and help him grow. Let’s give good
    suggestions (pre-game warm up is bad if you ask me—too much half way—too much
    laughing—let’s get serious with every step on the turf) as opposed to doubting
    the man. I’m all in. God has blessed him his entire career—I’m
    willing to ride out the low points because I’ve seen it before with AD—he will
    and has delivered.

    If I told you there is a QB who will outplay Rogers and
    Brady head to head and take you to the playoffs his first two years—what do you
    say? In addition, this guy will throw more TD
    passes than any other QB in his first two seasons behind Manning and Marino—want

    I say “Who Dey” that.
    I’m behind you AD—I’ll let the haters hate but I know that patience will
    pay off with you. God be with you (I
    know he is—lean on him) and count me out of the haters crew. It’s a new day in Bengals land—I don’t want
    to be identified with the old Doubters.
    I’m behind every starter and coach 100%–that includes AD. Go get ‘em.