Roundtable: The future of Andy Dalton

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Ty Mercurio

It is still really hard to tell. Sometimes he looks like a leader, and then other times it seems as if he is afraid to throw the ball down field. We can’t keep giving him the excuse that he is young. He plays Pittsburgh and Baltimore twice a year now. He has been to the playoffs twice now. There is a ton of room for him to grow, but his window is starting to close. Don’t get me wrong, Andy can be a good QB, but he needs to step it up.


Joe Johnson

As much as people dislike Andy Dalton, I believe he has a great future. I mean, he has already done more than Carson Palmer ever dreamed of doing did, making the playoffs in back-to-back years. As a matter of fact, did Palmer ever have back-to-back winning seasons? I didn’t think so.

Dalton has a ton of talented weapons and is extremely smart. He is more mobile than some would think as well. I think the problem with this offense is Jay Gruden. You find a better offensive coordinator, and watch Andy flourish.



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