NFL Standings, Playoff Picture and Race for the Wild Cards

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Listed below are the top teams in each conference that would be on the outside looking in if the playoffs started today. The number next to each team is their current seeding:



1. Denver Broncos (9-2): AFC West leader
2. New England Patriots (8-3): AFC East leader
3. Cincinnati Bengals (7-4): AFC North leader
4. Indianapolis Colts (7-4): AFC South leader
5. Kansas City Chiefs (9-2): Wild card
6. Tennessee Titans (5-6): Wild card

In the Hunt: Pittsburgh Steelers (5-6), Baltimore Ravens (5-6), San Diego Chargers (5-6), New York Jets (5-6), Miami Dolphins (5-6)


1. Seattle Seahawks (10-1): NFC West leader
2. New Orleans Saints (9-2): NFC South leader
3. Detroit Lions (6-5): NFC North leader
4. Dallas Cowboys (6-5): NFC East leader
5. Carolina Panthers (8-3): Wild card
6. Arizona Cardinals (7-4): Wild card

In the Hunt: San Francisco 49ers (6-4),  Philadelphia Eagles (6-5), Chicago Bears (6-5),  Green Bay Packers (5-5-1)



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