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Roundtable: Favorite Win vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Scott Bantel

This is tough. 3 come to mind. My favorite Bengals Steelers game I was in attendance for was the improbable comeback in 2001 at PBS where the 4-10 Bengals scored 2 TDs (and recovered and on-side kick) in 2:46 to send the game into overtime. I was actually walking down the steps to leave this game with about 3:00 left and stopped to watch the comeback on the south stairs.

Of course, the game went to OT because Rackers missed the winning extra point, but they ended up winning 26-23 in OT. My most memorable Bengals Steelers game came compliments of the ex- Steeler QB – Neil O’Donnell. In 1998, the 1-3 Bengals were down 20-18 to the 3-1 Steelers, but driving.

With about 30 seconds to play, and at the Steelers 25 yard line, the Bengals lined up to take a knee and attempt about a 43-44 yard FG for the win. O’Donnell took the snap, acted like he kneeled, and then hit Pickens on a go-route for a 25 yard game winning TD! In the ‘90s, if the Bengals ran a trick play like, it either was a trick play on accident (because they screwed up the real play), or it blew up in their face.

The ‘90s Bengals didn’t run trick plays that worked, let alone trick plays that won the game against the Steelers. While the Bengals ended the year at just 3-13, 2 of their 3 wins that year came at the hands of the Steelers. But, my “Favorite” Bengals Steelers game of all-time has to be when they beat Pittsburgh in 2005, unofficially clinching the AFC North and thereby unofficially clinching their first playoff appearance since 1990.

I actually shed a few tears of joy watching that clock run to triple zeros. I was finally going to see a Bengals playoff game…that I could actually remember. I was 8 years old the last time the Bengals played in the playoffs, therefore when I say I “remember” those playoffs and the 1988 Super Bowl, it is a very loose term of the word “remember”.

All I knew as a Bengals fan was losing. The years of misery, heartbreak and ridicule, at least for a moment, was lost. For once, I felt like I could sport my Bengals gear without feeling like I was being mocked. That was one hell of a feeling…and a new feeling for me.

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