Myth Busted: Mike Brown a Good Business Man

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July 28, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals running backs coach Hue Jackson (middle) talks with tight end Orson Charles (80) and running back Rex Burkhead (33) during training camp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

4. Our Current O.C. / D.C. Situation

You cannot control the fact that Jay Gruden and Mike left. That is part of the game, and it happens. The part that I am other Bengals fans should have a major problem with is that they stayed within the organization to make the changes.

Also, they made the official hirings in less than 24 hours each time. Some teams, like the Vikings and the Titans, held several interviews with several coaches over the span of several weeks.

This shows me that they really don’t care. Hue Jackson has had a hit-and-miss career as a coordinator. What makes Mike Brown feel that he is going to succeed now? I think it had something to do with the fact that he is cheap and in-house.

He also was responsible for the team cutting John Conner, who is one of the best pure fullbacks left in the NFL, and keeping Orson Charles, who played a whopping 67 snaps this year. Good one Hue.

Next, you have the New D.C. in Paul Guenther. I can’t say anything about his success rates, because he has no history as a DC. He has never ran an entire defense before.

The only thing that he has done is get lucky by having a highly motivated Vontaze Burfict fall in his lap, and has never seemed to develop Rey Maualuga, who continues to start every year but show little-to-no improvement.

here is reason for concern going forward with the defense.

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