Defining Moments of 2013 Cincinnati Bengals: Comeback Against the Pack

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With the offseason here, we will begin looking at the best moments, stories and games that ultimately shaped the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals.

For our first one, we take a look back at the Week 1 comeback win over the Green Bay Packers.


Hungry for a big win over the projected Super Bowl-contending Packers, Cincinnati pounce on the Pack early after this amazing leap by Giovani Beranrd into the endzone.

The Packers then fumbled the ensuing kickoff and BenJarvus Green-Ellis was later able to punch it in, giving Cincinnati a 14-0 lead before Aaron Rodgers ever took the field.

But a barrage of turnovers by the offense allowed the Packers score 30 straight points and take command of a Cincinnati team that still looked young and incapable of hanging with elite NFL teams.

Entering the season with a trip to the Super Bowl as their goal, the Bengals were facing their first test against a true championship contender, and they were failing it badly.

Trailing by 16 points in the middle of the third quarter against the Packers means certain death for any NFL team with Rodgers on the opposing sideline.

It seemed like an impossible feat for an offense that had lacked the firepower to mount a comeback of that magnitude, but as was the theme for the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals, they found a way.

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