Bengal Bonanza: Odds and Ends from the Queen City


Playoff Picture

Well, the drama that might have been is over. With a weak final three games on their schedule, even the most jaded among Cincinnati Bengals fans (me) was wondering if there couldn’t be a little Christmas magic, something that would allow the Cincinnati to sneak into the playoffs with an 8-8 record, and a little help from the rest of the league.

The NFL put those fading hopes to rest yesterday, announcing that the Bengals were one of six AFC teams that were officially eliminated from the post-season. At least we’re used to it, having seen the Bengals make the playoffs just once in the last 17 years.

It’s DeDe Day

DeDe Dorseys name is not exactly on the tips of a lot of tongues after his performance Sunday, but perhaps he should at least be given a longer look. Dorsey, an un-drafted free agent rookie out of tiny Lindenwood College, carried the ball four times for 81 yards, including a 45 yard scamper Sunday against the Rams.

Dorsey has been very effective in other games as well. He ran for 15 yards on his only carry last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and carried five times for 42 yards (including a 21 yard burst) against the Tennessee Titans.

Who Can We Get?

With the season three weeks from being over, and nothing much to focus on but next year, the attention turns to how the Bengals can upgrade their roster. Cincy will be able to add $7 Million of free space to their cap number, which should allow them to pursue some top tier free agents. The big name that will most likely be out there is Bob Sanders, as defensive force at the Safety spot, who could be persuaded to leave the Colts. Other defensive play-makers rumored to be available are Albert Haynesworth, who’s probably made himself a top tier candidate with his performance this season for the Titans, Lance Briggs, the linebacker for the Chicago Bears who’s had an on again-off again love affair with the city and it’s franchise, and Terrell Suggs, the pass rushing phenom from Baltimore.

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