Bungles Hit New Low

By Staff

Well, it’s official. Cincinnati’s defense is so bad, they can’t stop the worst offense in the NFL, who has a QB starting his first career game, and a banged up runningback.

But it wasn’t just the defense that forgot to show up in the Bengals game on Saturday. In what has been a increasingly perplexing season, Bob Bratkowski’s offense once again looked average at best, despite having one of the best quarterbacks, and two of the best wide receivers in the game today.

Should we be nervous that Carson Palmer‘s interception numbers have increased the last two years, to the point where he would have to throw zero interceptions in the next two games in order to avoid at least tieing his career high for a season? That career high came in his first year as a starter by the way.

I got quite a few responses a couple of weeks ago to my post calling for the end of the Marvin Lewis era, I’m wondering if any of those people think this ridiculously bad season still isn’t on his shoulders. If you look closely at this season, Cincinnati is even worse than they’re 5-9 record indicates.

Two of those five wins have come against a Baltimore Ravens team expected to challenge for a Superbowl birth when the season started, but instead has lost eight straight. Strangely, they’ll be bringing their head coach back as well.

The Bengals have been manhandled by a K.C. Chiefs team that is 4-10, the 27-20 score doesn’t indicate just how badly Cincy looked that day, I was at the game, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

And Cincinnati has been demolished by a highly overrated Pittsburgh Steelers team that has beat only Cincy, and Miami over their last five games.

The Bengals have exactly one victory over a team with a winning record this season, that being an inexplicable 35-6 drubbing of the Tennessee Titans that seems like a decade ago. And unless the Bengals can somehow beat the Browns next week, it would appear they will registered no victories over a playoff team this year.

One positive we can take from Saturday’s game? We improved our draft chances a little….Yippee!