Time to Bang on Time Warner

By Staff

It appears that Roger Goodell has taken a major step towards resolving the tremendous differences between his NFL Network, and Time Warner Cable. Time Warner has refused to allow it’s viewers to see the NFL Network based on the amount of money the NFL Network is wanting in return. (isn’t it always about money?)

Goodell has sent a letter to Glenn A. Britt, President and CEO of Time Warner asking for an agreement between the two parties for a 3rd party arbitration. Goodell has sweetened the pot by saying that if Time Warner would agree to the arbitration, he would allow the cable company to carry the NFL Network immediately. Time Warner has until December 28th, according to Goodell, to accept the offer.

This is an incredibly business savy move by Goodell, if Time Warner doesn’t agree to the offer, they look more like someone who has no interest in resolving the dispute, and it puts the NFL in a better light.

It’s time for anyone like myself, who is under the dictatorial thumb of Time Warner to start making phone calls, and let them know that they simply must agree to these conditions. It’s far and away the best chance to resolve the situation since it began.


Well, that didn’t last long, Time Warner has turned the deal down, saying “that Time Warner had reached agreements ‘with hundreds of programming networks without the use of arbitration.’”

F you Time Warner, I freaking hate you