Ocho Cinco Causing a Stir

By Staff

Apparently, Cincinnati‘s favorite showman is at it again. Chad Johnson was asked by a Miami newspaper about his feelings for a potential trade to the Miami Dolphins. Johnson’s response was less than desirable for most Bengals fans

“Hey, that would be cool. Where’s (Bill) Parcells at?” Johnson asked. “I need to win now. I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve broken a lot of records here, I got the yards, I’ve been to the Pro Bowl, and I’m kind of fed up with the same thing every year.”

If Johnson is fed up with the same thing every year, he should imagine how the fans feel. Why is it that no professional athlete is ever able to put themselves in their fans shoes? You think you’re sick of losing, we’re sick of watching a very talented team underperform for the second straight year, then have one of it’s star players complain about losing, as if he had nothing to do with it.

Why can’t these athletes ever realize that whining about wanting out rarely, if ever endears you to fans? You’re paid tens of millions of dollars, win or lose. It doesn’t sit right for me to hear Chad talk about how instead of working extra hard, becoming a real team leader, and turning this thing around, he just wants out.

And by the way CJ, exactly how close do you think the Miami Dolphins are to fielding a playoff team?