Ocho Cinco Roundup

By Staff

Here is the latest


news on our disgruntled WR:

"“You know what one of my problems has always been is trying to please everybody. … But I think right now in the situation that is going on, I think Chad has to worry about Chad,” Johnson said, “… because I have worried about the outside the entire time I’ve been playing and the outside has been sort of (kicking) me in the ass this year. I just have to worry about Chad. I have done everything right since I’ve been here. I’ve done nothing wrong.”"

Although Chad might seem like one of the other cry baby WR, at least he tries to make a difference around the world. Not sure how many times Randy Moss has given anything to charity besides his NFL and criminal fines.

"Second, Johnson’s trip to Kenya was postponed by a burgeoning tension bordering on civil war in the country over recent elections. “I couldn’t go. What if a war really broke out?” said Johnson, who has spent time in Kenya the previous two offseasons helping build a school and rescuing children living in the squalor of country villages with no clothes, shoes or even decent sanitation."

"But thousands of miles away from Kenya, Johnson still finds himself trying to clean up a mess. Some of his comments are sure to come off as convoluted and selfish, the stuff of other diva-like receivers such as Randy Moss"

  • Chad Johnson goofy (more than usual) at Pro Bowl – Baltimore Sun
  • (By the way did I say Shenanigans earlier in this post?)