In his first year, Coach Lewis was open, and gregarious with the media and public when doing interviews and meeting him in public. Now, his interviews are often double speak, and alot of questions simply not answered. In the past, he’s made statements about how a player is important to the team, everything is fine, etc., only to find the player cut during the offseason. Is that what’s coming this year?

Coach Lewis has said “Chad is not going to be traded” many times. He has said ” Cincinnati has not talked to any other team about trading Chad Johnson”, but is this really true? Can a reporter from Washington, who cites sources, really be lying to drum up business for his paper? Has reporters from Baltimore gotten it wrong when they suggest they know Washington Redskin owner Dan Snyder is proactively going after Chad? Would Chad’s agent really let another team violate the rules by interfering with a player under contract, unless he really did have permission by the Bengals through backdoor channels to seek a trade, do the dirty work for them?

I don’t think Marvin Lewis is as forthcoming as he appears. Maybe, the Brown family has kept him in the dark, we all know their penchant for doing things their way, and wanting to have full control over the team. I’m trying to find reasons to keep the faith in Marvin, but after this past year, it has been tough. Too many interviews with nothing to say, other than some insulting remarks, and his way to talk around the question at hand, or simply state he isn’t going to answer it. I guess that’s his right to do, I may even do the same thing in his position.

I guess the only thing that continues to miff me is this: Why do Bengal fans continue to go to the games, buy the gear, and now sell out every game? I’m not calling for a boycott of the team, I’d like to know what keeps Cincinnati fans coming back. Was is the teasing season when they won the division? Is it that they are on the edge of the playoffs every year (on paper)?