Asante Samuel is the top free agent on the market. Could the Bengals sign him? Sure, with the right contract offer. Would the Bengals sign him? No way. Why you say? Well, mainly I say that because the track record is that top FA’s don’t want to come to Cincinnati. The second reason is that I still don’t believe Mike Brown will be creative in contract negotiation to get a player like Samuel or the following mentioned players. So, who else is left? Asomugha from Oakland is on the market, and is looking to leave the of-late perennial losing Raiders. Marcus Trufant from Seattle is on the market, and would also be a top acquisition. These three players are going to new teams, so why wouldn’t the Bengals sign one?

I know one argument is that we have Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph. I like Leon Hall, Joseph however hasn’t been exactly what I thought the Bengals needed. He is a good player, still young and developing, but doesn’t have the attitude that you’d like to see in a shut down corner type. Samuel and Trufant are known to be in your face cover corners that receivers know they’re not going to bully or fool too often.

Time will tell, hopefully the Bengals will step up and try to sign one of these guys.