Philadelphia wasted no time shoring up their beleagured defensive backfield, signing Asante Samuel to a reported 6 yr, 57 Million dollar contract, with 20 million guaranteed.  This signing takes a top DB off the market, so it looks like the Bengals are going to focus on DL, LB and retaining their own DB’s. There isn’t as much need in the backfield, especially if they can sign a veteran like McCree, scheduled to visit Cincinnati this coming Sunday. Their young players from the last two drafts at CB and safety appear to have

progressed during the last season, and should be decent, if not good, cover guys.

If the Bengals can come up with a strong 3-4 or retooled 4-3 defensive front 7, the backfield won’t have as much pressure on them to cover the long ball, or tackle running backs in the open field 10 yards deep, as has been the case the last few years. Domata Peko appears to be on the verge of breaking out, the signing of big Shaun Smith, and the possible additions of another veteran DL could be just what the Bengals need. Of course, they still have the ninth pick in the draft to grab a DE if they can’t seem to land a FA veteran.

One possibility though is Cincinnati getting an Atwan Odom, trading down the pick from 9 to somewhere mid-late round and adding another pick to their day one session. Cincinnati looks to gain a third round pick for compensation from the Steinbach deal in Cleveland, and possible other compensation picks. Couple these with a trade down for a late first round pick, and a day two pick, the Bengals could set themselves up to grab a TE, OL, or WR (they did cut Tab Perry today as well). Signing Odom and/or McCree could give the Bengals flexibility they haven’t had in recent memory.