UPDATED INFO — ESPN.COM has reported at 12:39 this afternoon that this trade appears to be a done deal, short of the official announcement. StripeHype brought this information to you at 9:30 AM this morning! Maybe having a retread who has floundered in another poor defense (the Jets) will help us.  Of course, the trade looks great on paper, and if the Bengals stay in a 4-3 Robertson may have some success. If the Bengals go to a 3-4 as has been speculated, then he’ll be in the same position he was in with NY. We’ll see. But hey, at least I’ll give them props for making an effort to improve.

Well, I didn’t want to spend alot of time writing the headline for this trade, just in case it too gets blown up. Sources indicate that Cincinnat and the NY Jets have come to a deal to trade a 4th and 5th round draft pick for DL DeWayne Robertson, contingent on a new deal being crafted and Robertson passing a physical.

Cincinnati visited with a couple FA’s over the weekend, but so far no specific news has been announced. A rumor is that Antwan Odom liked Cincinnati, but is looking for numbers that maybe he hasn’t earned yet. Cincinnati definitely has the track record of not overpaying, and in many cases, underpaying top atheletes. If that is the case with Odom, don’t expect to see him in Stripes anytime soon.