DT PT 3 — Can I get a vowel Vanna??


Ok, so here’s try number three, and finally something got done. Cincinnati signed Titans FA Atwan Odom to a 5 yr $29.5M contract announced Monday. NYJ DL Robertson reportedly didn’t want to renegotiate the final 2 years on his contract, thus negating the deal in place the Bengals had with NY. You can’t say you blame him though, he got a fat rookie contract that he’s still playing out, and he hasn’t earned half of it with his less-than-stellar performance in NY. He knows if he renegotiates, he’ll get far less when you compare his numbers.

One of the things that continues to intrigue me is this: How can the Browns, Dolphins and Eagles continue to sign free agents this offseason and get deals done? They’re not playoff contenders perenially, albeit the Brownies should have been in last year. What is causing Cincinnati to have such a hard time finding players that “fit” and getting deals done? I’m not going to speculate on that part, yet, but it continues to amaze me that we have such a tough time year in and year out with attracting the players, and getting them. On the same note, even when we craft trade deals, somehow we can’t close the door at times.

Anyway, we’ll keep a positive outlook, hope that Robertson can still be had, and see what else transpires.