Interesting twist..we lose LB Landon Johnson..can we bring Takeo back??


Cincinnati last year had the worst kind of luck with LB injuries and suspensions to fight through. Now, one of the people that helped us limp through that period is a Carolina Panther. Landon Johnson signed today for three years, and is expected to compete for a starting position.

I wonder how it is we’ll look to overcome the injury unknowns. We should get suspended LB Odell Thur

man back this year. If injured LB David Pollack decides he wants to try another year of football, we may be ok. However, Pollack may not last through training camp if something gets tweaked, he’d walk away from football in an instant. Thurman should be able to come back into the game fresh, but a two year layoff could mean quite a bit of rust.

It’s too early of course for panic, however, a certain amount of caution should be held. Cincinnati has been focusing on DL, DB and OL mostly, with some RB sprinkled in. Maybe Takeo Spikes coming back into the stripes isn’t such a bad idea. He can be had for a good price, has knowledge of the Bengals system, and could anchor a LB corps with veteran leadership.