Bengals sign FA Linebacker


Agent Brad Blank says that he and Cincinnati have come to terms with Arizona free agent LB Darryl Blackstock. Of course, the Bengals don’t confirm or announce anything till the contract is signed. Blackstock has been a career backup in Arizona, playing on the edge and as a nickle rusher. He played at Virginia with fellow LB Ahmad Brooks, and is quoted as saying he was impressed with Coach Lewis and the staff.

While this signing isn’t a big FA splash, it does add some depth and an experienced rusher to the LB corp. It also gives the Bengals someone they can line up outside standing up in a defensive package like a 4-3 or 4-4, and possibly on occasion give a team a 3-4 look to confuse the quarterback. Should be a quality signing, at what I’m sure is a good price for the Bengals.

This signing also most likely signals any fantasies Bengals fans may have had about bringing back former Cincinnati LB’s Takeo Spikes and Brian Simmons, both currently on the free agent  market.