The Rookie — Chad Johnson’s Internet Series Premier


The Rookie, an Internet-only action series, has debuted. Cincinnati’s Chad Johnson is in the show, and plays Agent Ocho. Check it out!

Edited 345 PM 3/18 — Here is a link to his interview. You be the judge 

Edited again 4:15 pm 3/18 — Ok this is the last one for this topic. I’m so tired of hearing these multimillion dollar players doing this kind of thing. You signed a big contract for six years. You took the money then. Now you be the stand up guy you claim to be (and Chad has been claiming he’s the scapegoat, he’s not the problem) and play your contract. The Bengals don’t pay you Mr. Johnson, the fans do. We buy tickets, we pay for COA’s, we buy beer for $7 that cost $.50 wholesale, we buy jerseys, fake mohawks, you name it, we buy it. Why, you ask?? Because we like to see you on the field, making incredible catches. We like to see you showboat some (don’t overdo it, but have fun with it despite Goodell), we like to see you make double-teams look like high schoolers when you outplay them.

We DON’T like to see you on national TV talking about how you won’t show up, how you’re agent has “no further comment”, how you don’t know if you’ll be in Cincy next year. Cincinnati can be just a defensive draft away from something good, and you can be a big part of it. Of course, you could really be the cancer people say you are. I, for one, don’t believe that is the case. However, I’ve been wrong in the past. I can only ask that you prove me right this time.

By the way, dump that loser of an agent Rosenhaus. All he does it make players look like overpriced crybabies. Yes, you might get a payday at some point because of him, but if being respected has anything to do with who you are, you are losing respect and credibility everyday that dude is your agent. He’s a snake, and we all know it. Why don’t you?

Dear Mr. Johnson, all we want for Christmas is a team that wins. Are you gonna be a scrooge?