Ben Utecht — He’s Coming!!


Officially, there has been no announcement, no word on whether the Colts will match Cincinnati’s contract offer to TE Ben Utecht. However, with that said, let’s take a look at what’s going on in the NFL, Indy and Cincinnati. First, Indy isn’t going to put a $3M TE on the second string. They also have Bryan Fletcher, and another rookie TE on the roster from last year, carrying four total. Secondly, behind Utecht and Bubba Franks (signed away from Green Bay this week) the TE market is pretty much thinned out. Lastly, Cincinnati is not in the Colt’s division, although Cincinnati does play Indy this year.

With these things in mind, why would Indy match the Bengals offer? The $3m number is reported, but not officially confirmed. That’s starting TE money. That’s Reggie Kelly money. That’s Dallas Clark money. That’s not second string money.

If Indy matches, I’ll invite the Colts official blogger to come on here and make a Colts posting to the effect. It just won’t happen. Mark it down, you saw it here first!