In his own words — The EXCLUSIVE interview with TE Ben Utecht


Cincinnati is still on the clock waiting for the Colts to announce if they’re going to match the contract offer for TE Ben Utecht. Well, we decided not to wait to contact Ben and see if we could get him to do an interview with us. So in the same vein as we did with new Bengal LB Darryl Blackstock, we did a 10 questions with Ben Utecht. Enjoy!!

1. If you weren’t an NFL player, what would you be? 

A: My passion outside of football has always been music.  If I wasn’t a football player I would have pursued being a musician.

2.Who had the most influence on your life? 

A: I know this is cliche but my parents have had the greatest impact on my life.  The wisdom and love they have given me over the years is a major reason for how far I have come in all areas of my life; marriage, athletics, and music.

3. What music is on your MP3 player right now? 

A: Many different kinds.  The beauty of my ipod is that you will get a very diversified portfolio of everything from the blues to classical.  I truly enjoy my collection.

4. Who is your favorite actor? 

A: Tough question.  I don’t think I have just one.  Mel Gibson, Christopher Reeve, and Matthew McConaughey would be some of my favorites.

5. What is your favorite movie? 

A: Hands down the original Superman…No question about it.

6. What has been your most memorable NFL moment? 

A: Coming back to defeat the Patriots in the AFC championship…Then going on to win the Superbowl.  I will never forget those two games.

7. Where is your favorite vacation spot? 

A: So far St. Thomas has been our favorite trip.  Everything from the housing to the water was outstanding.

8. Do you follow other sports? If so, which ones? Do you play other sports regularly? 

A: I love hockey.  My favorite teams are the Minnesota Gophers and the MN Wild.  I was a hockey goalie all through high school in Hastings MN.  Now you have to realize that if you grow up in MN you must play Hockey…Seriously.

9.  What is the most recent book you’ve read? 

A: Lone Survivor.  It’s a must read about the true experiences of a Navy Seal stationed in Afghanistan.  It’s a very intense and also important read.

10. Tell us something about you that most people wouldn’t expect about you. 

I have sung the National Anthem for both President Bush Sr. and President Bush Jr.  Those where also two experiences I will never forget.