Goodbye Mr. Henry, grow up soon, Chris Henry WAIVED –UPDATED 11:30 AM


Well, it seems Chris Henry still hasn’t grown up. Whether or not the most recent allegation is true or not, it is quite apparent he is just an overpaid thug who doesn’t realize what he has. If Chris Henry hasn’t learned by now that he’s a target for people to mess with him to get him to do something stupid, then he is stupid. If he is guilty of the crime in which he’s accused (assaulting an 18yr old and smashing a car window with a beer bottle) then he is stupid. Either way, seems as though he isn’t getting the message. An eight game suspension, coupled with the loss of salary would make a normal person think about what is important to them. I guess Mr. Henry doesn’t like playing in the NFL or making easy money.

If he is found guilty of this crime, he will be suspended at least for the upcoming year. Concurrently, the Bengals will most likely cut him and part ways too. With the ongoing Ocho Cinco drama, that changes the outlook on the upcoming draft quite a bit, and I’d expect to see Cincinnati go for a WR in the second round, and possibly with one of the 2 third round picks as well.

Nice job Chris, hope being a thug pays off for ya. One of these days, you’re going to bump into someone a whole lot tougher than you, and an assault charge will be the least of your troubles.