New Bengals Offensive Scheme?


With what has become well known news of WR Chris Henry’s release, can we now look forward to a revamped offensive scheme? With Coach Lewis’ comments in the last few days about how they’re going back to the running game (haven’t we heard that before anyway), maybe now more than ever we really need to go back to the running game. What once was a draft of defensive upgrades, now we may have to take a second or two third round picks to look at offense. But what position do we need?

After Ocho Cinco and TJ, the WR corps has significantly thinned out in the last two years. With 40 catches combined after those two, the days of stretching it out with 3 receivers are gone, or are they? Going with a two TE set, CJ and TJ and a healthy Rudi (or other RB) could really open up our offense. We could see Utecht over the middle with CJ and TJ streaking or running post/out combinations, we could see two TE’s in the blocking scheme to manhandle D-lineman, we could see many combinations.

So where do we draft in the second round, or with our two third round picks (don’t forget we got a comensatory pick for Steinbach)? Do we go for a solid O-lineman, a replacement receiver, a running back still? For me, I’d like to see a third round O-lineman picked up. I’d also like to see maybe a 5th or 6th round WR picked up. I don’t know that I’m too interested in seeing a RB picked up, as I believe that Rudi (who has added weight to help him withstand punishment) will be back into form, as well as DeDe Dorsey coming back from injury, coupled with Kenny Watson will be able to shoulder the load (no, I don’t think Perry will really ever see much of the field as a Bengal).