Well, we had to take a week off here at Stripehype to get some rest and clean up around the place in anticipation of the upcoming draft, minicamps and June 1st cutdown period. So, without further ado, here we go:

– Many mocks project the Bengals with Sedrick Ellis, Derrick Harvey or Vernon Gholston in the 9th spot.

– There doesn’t appear to be much on the trade up front, so I wouldn’t expect anything there.

– Chad Johnson and his trade me demands. I WAS a huge Ocho Cinco fan, now I am not. He has burned his own bridge with me as a fan, and I hope the Bengals don’t trade him, and he sits out and doesn’t get paid. I’d hate to see the Bengals lose out like that, but I don’t want to see Chad win like that.

– The #88 Ben Utecht Jersey being given away WILL BE AUTOGRAPHED by Ben in person. I have been in contact with him directly, and will take photos of Ben signing the Jersey and post it here within a week or so, with a StripeHype.com placard next to it to prove it’s our jersey we’re giving away!

– The NFL schedule was released last week. By now, we all know the Bengals didn’t get any good primetime slots. Was to be expected though, with last years multiple slots and not so great results.

– Final updated Mock Draft will be posted this coming Wed, Apr 23rd by Noon.