Rumors swirl around Chad Johnson


Unconfirmed rumors say that Dan Snyder, the outlandish Redskins owner, has offered Cincinnati this year’s first round pick and possibly next year’s pick for disgruntled Bengals receiver Chad Johnson. Coach Lewis and Mike Brown have said they have not been contacted by the Redskins in regards to Ocho Cinco. There have also been some unconfirmed reports that Indianapolis has also contacted Cincinnati about #85, but again the Bengals won’t comment publicly on any type of negotiations.

I would think that Cincinnati won’t comment until a deal is done if something were to happen. They’re not going to take the black eye that will come with trading Johnson, thus admitting defeat, in this pathetic saga of “trade me or I won’t play”.  If they do make a deal, they’ll wait to the last minute to confirm it, thereby offsetting the fact that Chad beat them at this game, with the fact that they now have multiple first round picks or such n such player, whatever deal comes of it.

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Cincy getting another top 10 first round pick for Chad and making the deal. I realize, of course, the salary cap implications that come along with such a move. However, I’m sure some back end wheeling and dealing will occur for whatever team gets Chad to actually pay the Bengals. I’ve never heard of or have known Mike Brown to make a deal that’s going to cost him in the long run.