Chad Johnson to be traded..


If anyone read the transcripts from Coach Lewis’ press conference yesterday, they will note the following:

– We have not received an offer for Chad Johnson from Washington
– Chad Johnson won’t be traded

2-3 hours later, we heard this from the very same lips of Coach Lewis

– We rec’d a contact from Washington in regards to Chad Johnson, and we turned it down
– Chad Johnson will count $8M against our cap in 2008 if released or traded before June 1

What does all that mean??

It means, after June 1st, when his $8m salary cap hit can be spread into 2009, expect to see Ocho Cinco traded away where the team that gets him and more afford to cover the cap hit the Bengals will undoubtedly want to recoup.

Don’t fret Bengals fans, ole #85 is certainly on his way out the door of Cincinnati.