What about Chat now??


Well, Cincinnati has now drafted two WR’s in the first four rounds (5 picks total for them). They have a new LB, new DT and new OT as well. Merril Hoge from ESPN reported Cincy’s asking price for a trade for CJ was steep, which of course it should have been. First, I am opposed to trading CJ to give in to the tactics of him and his agent. He signed his contract for long term, he needs to be a man and live up to the contract he signed. Secondly, it sends a strong message to the NFL that if you sign a contract then play these games to get out of it, you will sit. Look at Pickens. In the end, he got to leave to the Titans, and ended up a bust. Look at Corey Dillon, yes he got his ring in NE, but where is he now?? He wasn’t even the difference maker in getting the Pats to the Super Bowl.

I am certain that before training camp starts, CJ will be with another team. However, I am hopeful that he goes to a team that will still struggle with him. He wants traded? Trade him to Minnesota, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco or the Jets. Give him all he wants, other than trading him to Dallas. Let him suffer somewhere else, so we don’t have to suffer his immature act any longer.

Goodbye Ocho Cinco. No matter what happens now, the fans will not support you. If they do, shame on them.