Grading the draft


Well, here it is Monday. The much anticipated draft came in like a lion, and went out like a sheep. We’ve been fleeced. We see a WR coming out of Florida who until the National Title game really wasn’t the biggest draw on the Florida team. With WR Caldwell out of Coastal Carolina (ok, before Saturday, who knew where that school even was?). We got a big boy for the defensive line, but he’s in trouble with the law on occasion (sound familiar?) We got a big OT from Kansas, who may turn out to be the steal of the draft when it comes to OT’s. We got a TE that wasn’t needed as a draft pick (would have probably still be there as a undrafted Free Agent). A DE/LB in Angelo Craig from UC that isn’t a scrub, but was a position that could have been drafted for another OL or DL. We drafted a safety (Ndukwe, White, Jackson, Busing, Jones, more..) that really wasn’t a need. We did get a top LB (or at least he projects to be a top LB), we got the OT Collins that could be a help.

All I can say is this: The Bengals had 10 draft picks. From where I’m sitting, we got 4, maybe 5, players that can help out. The rest will either not make the team, or be yet another legal distraction off the field. I’m not a proponent of having traded CJ for a first round pick. I don’t want to reward him for his poor behavior and lack of ethic. However, if I had known the Bengals would draft this poorly and not be able to get up to ensure they got Ellis, I would have clamored for the trade to get the extra first round pick to trade up with.

My grade for this draft : D