Bengals fans..


You guys are doing great with constructive comments on the draft. I don’t agree with some, couldn’t agree more with others, but hey, that’s why I love this stuff so much. I will say this, I WANT the Bengals to prove me wrong, I WANT this massive OT from Kansas to jump in at guard and demolish Cleveland’s NT (anyone catch his name, Rogers or something?? lol) and I also WANT to have to post an apology at the end of the season for being wrong all along.

I think Rivers will contribute and getting Thurman back (if he plays at the same or near same level) will be a huge upgrade at LB for us over the last 2 years. I believe Sims can be useful if he’ll keep himself out of trouble, and possibly this safety might be a sleeper. I would like to see the following upgrades:

– 2-3 rookies on special teams be contributors. Return one for a TD, block a kick, force fumbles, do SOMETHING

– Rivers to NOT be out of position and to be able to tackle someone alone in the open field and not miss

– Sims to actually use that 340 lb frame to plug up a hole

– Anthony Collins to be the next guard to be dominant in the league or at least be able to push some of these fat Dlineman around and get some cushion for the running game

– Jerome Simpson to be able to run a GOOD route, AND hold onto the ball and catch it before he tries to run the ball