Ok..so I guess it’s wait and see time..


The rookie mini-camp is this coming weekend. We’ll get our first dose of how these guys look and what kind of ethic and attitude they’ll have.

As for the draft grading, I’ll stick by my grade of D. I’m going to let these guys prove me wrong, which I’ll gladly admit if so. But, as of this morning, I’m not the only one to say the Bengals drafted poorly, just the first one to say it. The Yahoo Insiders give the Bengals a D-  and ESPN gave the Bengals the #1 Losers spot in the draft.

I’m thinking it can’t be all bad. I mean, no one knew TJ Housmandzadeh coming out of Oregon except as the teammate of Chad Johnson in college, and now look at him. So I will leave the door open some that we could all be wrong. I think 2 or 3 will have immediate playing time, 2 or 3 more on s