Linebackers at 9, Shaun Alexander to visit, Simpson to be a star??


The Bengals waived linebackers Anthony Schlegel and Roy Manning, leaving the team with nine linebackers on the roster, not including drafted Keith Rivers (he hasn’t been signed yet). That doesn’t bode well for fans looking for the Bengals to go to a 3-4 defense permanently. Rumor has it new defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer likes to employ a multi-look defense. Often he will show a 3-4 and 4-3 look within the same defensive series to confuse the quarterback and offensive line blocking schemes. With 10 linebackers (assuming Rivers will sign), a 3-4 defense with the Bengals history of injured LB’s would be risky.

Former NFL MVP (2005) RB Shaun Alexander is scheduled to visit his hometown team this coming Monday in what is being termed a “preliminary visit”.  I’m not exactly sure what that means, but just the fact that he’s coming here shows the Bengals will continue to attempt to upgrade at every position. I would think alot of what may/may not happen with the Bengals is dependent on the health of his ankle/legs.

Second round selection Jerome Simpson says that he’s been reading what people say of him. He says people will be fans of his sooner than they think. What he DOESN’T yet know (and if he’s reading this, he knows now) it won’t take much for the Jerome Simpson jerseys to fly off the shelf. Here’s our advice to Mr. Simpson:
– Catch the ball when it’s thrown to you
– Run solid routes, and run the route you’re SUPPOSED to run on any given play
– Don’t be a grandstanding media whore, enjoy the game and celebrate the wins
– Don’t run your mouth to the media/fans about negativity

If you follow the simple advice above, you WILL be a star, and very shortly Cincy fans will say Ocho who?