Utecht Promised Big Receiving Role


In a hometown-boy-done-good piece, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune gives Bengals fans a look at how the team plans to use tight end Ben Utecht. Here’s Utecht on his experience at the recent OTA:

"“I had the chance to get in the offense for the first time, and it was great,” said Utecht, a Hastings native, who caught 68 passes over the past two seasons. “They had told me, ‘We know you can block. So that’s going to allow us to get into two-tight-end sets, spread the field and let you do what you do best.’“That was exciting for me to hear. Even playing with the Gophers … the last eight years I’ve been forced to be in a situation where I had to be the blocker. That’s OK because it made me better as a blocker. But this is the first time I’ve been on a team that says, ‘We know your strength is receiving and we’re going to use you that way.’ “"

Music to your ears, Ben? Same here. Other news of note…

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