Hump Day Headlines


B.J. Bethel says Odell’s fall shows things have changed in sports over the years.

Bengals Stripes asks, one more time, did Odell really deserve a two-year suspension for just a skipped test and a DUI?

The Chickster wonders:

"JUST WONDERING …If Bengals management considered sending Eric Ball, the club’s director of player relations, or any other team representative, with Thurman to Georgia for the funeral of Thurman’s grandmother.Had Thurman had a team representative with him, maybe, just maybe, he’d have made it back to Cincinnati in time for Tuesday’s OTA.I’ve covered the team for 12 years and I can honestly say the Bengals are woefully lacking in player services."

Moving on, “Big C” (hearts) Jerome Simpson.

Would an uncapped league really be that bad for the Bengals? More to come on this front later.