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Thursday Reads


Newly acquired tight end Ben Utecht has split out as a receiver more times in three weeks of voluntary practices than he did in three years in Indianapolis. Bengals.com writer Geoff Hobson also confirms suspicions that Daniel Coats could play at both TE and fullback in 2008, pushing Jeremi Johnson off the roster. That could open a spot for a fourth tight end (Nate Lawrie?) or an extra wide receiver (Maurice Purify?) or running back (DeDe Dorsey?). The money here is on TE — if Coats really is going to pull double-duty, they will need more relief at that spot.

Antwan Odom reveals his offseason PBJ and Snickers diet. Tackle Domata Peko adds that Odom is doing something unusual for a Bengals defensive end in practice: forcing offensive lineman to account for him.

"“It’s really nice for me to have the guard going out there (to the ends) sometimes,” Peko said. “It helps us in the middle get some one-on-ones for once.”"

A pass rush? From the Bengals? That would be sight for sore eyes.

No. That said, Utecht thinks he’s as good as Manning.

It sounds like the Peter Warrick scenario is playing out again in Dallas with WR Terry Glenn. For Bengals fans hoping to see Ocho Bozo sent packing before the season starts, the door to Dallas may still be open a crack.

While we’re on the subject of Chad Johnson, Kirkendall notes that this isn’t the first time Johnson has failed to pay money he owes. Over at BengalsBlog, B.J. wonders if Chad’s failure to pay up and his clear desire for more money are related?.

The Cold Hard Football Facts says the Bengals are the fifth-worst NFL franchise in history.

"There have been just 12 winning campaigns in 40 NFL seasons, and four of those came in the franchise’s first eights years of existence under Brown. The Bengals have fielded just a single winning team since 1990: The 2005 Bengals went 11-5 and looked like they might be a contender – then Palmer went down with a nasty injury early in a home playoff game against Pittsburgh, setting the stage for their hated divisional rivals to march to their fifth Super Bowl title."

I disagree with ranking the Texans “ahead” of Cincinnati. They simply haven’t been around long enough to exceed the Bengals’ misery-generating might.

The 32nd-best running back in the league says that 2007 was a fluke.